Tactical Survival Gear

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Tactical Survival Gear

One aspect of survival worthy of consideration when facing a disaster is rescuing the human element. Yes, you got water, food, shelter, and some other survival gear stored up in your bag, but you might still remain unsafe for the trip. What if someone tries to take your gear from you? What will you do? Will you try to protect your gear or will just hand it over to the person? Do you have any tactical survival gear that will assist you to overcome the encounter? I’m sure you don’t even know what tactical survival means, do you?

You may think that no one would ever try to take your gear from you, but you are wrong. Human nature has proved often that hunger and fear will drive people to do things that they would not normally do.

Tactical survival is simply a means to gain a short-term survival goal. For example, if you are attacked in the scenario discussed above, and maybe, the assailant has only clubs and knives on him, then a good tactical plan for you could be to use a concealed handgun (that’s if you have one and can use it). Using the concealed weapon is part of your tactical survival plan to overcome attacks from assailants. The concealed weapon is, therefore, part of your tactical survival gear.

Before you latch on this idea, please take note that I’m not recommending this action; it’s just an example. Brandishing a weapon when you aren’t properly trained with it could cost you dearly, even much more than your gear. Any fumbling with the weapon or display of incompetence can cost you your life. Also, never assume that your enemies/adversaries are the only ones right in front of you; a smart gang would have a man with a rifle and scope covering their backs for them.

There exist many other things you can add to your tactical survival kit to help you deal with unplanned ugly situations. A set of lock picking tools can also help you scare adversaries away. You can have several weapons on you to help you escape if you’re captured by the adversaries. Weapons like a wallet knife, a neck knife, boot knife, and belt buckle knife are good examples. A pocket pepper spray may be useful. There are even some tactical pens that are considered more effective for this purpose.

Wearing clothing and gear, sometimes may be considered as tactical survival gear, especially if it helps you to blend into your surroundings.
Don’t wear survival gear in the city; it will make you look like you are ready for an encounter, and all eyes will be on you, making you look like a target.

Survival gear (tactical backpack and digitized woodland camouflage) is only useful in the woods. A messenger bag or day pack is more suitable for use in the city.
In conclusion, there are several situations to consider while creating a survival strategy, and getting your survival gear. You need to plan and balance your long-term tactical survival strategies. Make sure you have some good survival gear, get proper training on how to use them, and have a recipe which ensures you will survive your next encounter.

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